Book Review: Forest for the Trees

What It Is: This humorous, honest non-fiction book is an inside look into the world of editing, getting published, and all the chaos that happens after. Lerner is an established editor with stories to tell.

Why I Liked It: See above- humorous and honest. My two favorite characteristics for books (and men). I came away with an increased knowledge (see, there’s the educator in me talking…) about the do’s and don’ts of seeking an agent/editor, what the publishing process looks like, and the real truth about “making it” as a writer. I felt like Lerner hits the mark on the various types of writers (though I’m sure someone out there was offended) and spoke to my soul. As I was reading, I made a mental note to return to this book when I’m finally ready to query agents (notice how I said when and not if…ha!). It was a quick read with references to all three of my favorite authors, so I’m happy. I would highly recommend to anyone who ever considered going for publication.

Interested? Click here to purchase the book from Amazon

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