Fearless Friday.

I’m going to start a weekly post entitled Fearless Friday, where I force myself, and my readers, to think about how they were fearless this week – or maybe how they are going to be fearless in the future.

Why Fearless?

Because life is scary.

We could lose our jobs, which means no money for rent, gas, or – if you’re anything like me – wine. We could lose our significant others. We could become ill, or perhaps our loved ones could.

The possibilities are endless. Now, before you get all depressed thinking about all those things I just mentioned (sorry), let’s change gears. Let’s think fearless.

What have I done this week to punch fear in the face?

  • I tried two new foods. TWO. (Side note: I’m the world’s pickiest eater. Fo’ real.) I realized that my fear of trying new food wasn’t as strong as my drive to eat healthier and lose weight.
  • I decided to say NO to an opportunity. Probably the second hardest thing for me to do besides trying new foods. But it’s what makes sense for me in my life right now.

What am I going to do in the near future to be fearless?

  • I’m going to let J read Chapter 1 of The Book. Don’t ask me when, because I don’t know. But we had a lovely chat last night about how I think I’m finally ready, and how receiving feedback from the person I trust most is more valuable than holding onto my perfectionist pride.

Your Turn! I want to hear about how all of you punched fear in the face this week. Comment below!

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