Happy (Almost) Birthday to Me.

My birthday is the day after Halloween. And I love it.

I love fall and everything about it. The candles, the cold, the leaves, the horror. Everything. And I love Halloween. I miss dressing up like a fool and handing out candy to the little kiddos almost as much as I miss going around knocking on stranger’s doors myself. Unfortunately my apartment complex isn’t too full of kids.

But even so, every year I binge watch my favorite horror flicks, have a drink (or two) in my “Hallo-WINE” cup, and start celebrating my birthday early. This year the weather is just perfect (well, perfect for me who gets to stay inside all warm and cozy). It’s dark, gloomy, cold, rainy and windy. *cue intro music to Halloween…*

Happy Hallo-WINE!

I try to go into each birthday with a little bit of gratitude and reflection, ever since the year my birthday came right after what felt like the biggest disaster of my life. Since then, though, it’s been a little easier to find the good.

A little re-cap of 28:

  • I got promoted, a totally unexpected plot twist but one I am very grateful for.
  • J moved in with the monsters and I.
  • I graduated with my Master’s degree.
  • I kept writing and am up to 95k words on The Book. There’s even something sortof resembling a plot now!
  • I landed some regular clients in my freelance business.
  • Joined a pretty cool national-level committee.
  • Traveled to a place I’d never been before, where J and I got drunk on the porch of our cabin and discussed how I had no idea how to resolve my MC’s dilemma (though I have yet to let him read any of it…).

Overall, 28 has been good to me.

I feel like a total cliche, because lately I’ve been thinking of all the things I want to do and accomplish – because life’s too short. You’d think I was turning 80, not 29.

But life is short. We don’t know how much time we or our loved ones have left. So why not write the book? Why not take the trip? Lose the weight? Apply to the program?

I initially was going to make a list of goals for 29 in this same post, but that seems a bit much for now.

So tonight, I’m going to pretend I’m not on Weight Watchers and I’m going to eat pizza and ice cream, drink some White Claws (or wine, or both…), snuggle up with J and my own little monsters, watch some horror flicks – and be grateful I have had such a lovely year.

How are you spending Halloween?

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