Why I Won’t Read Bad Books

I inherited my love of reading from my mother. I’m forever grateful for the fact that she kept ALL of her Stephen King novels from when she was younger (she’s since moved into what I call “old lady” novels) and passed them on to me. Where my mother and I differ, however, is that she must finish every book she starts – even if it sucks.

I, on the other hand, cannot.

Just last night I slammed a book down on the table in the break room at work, saying “That’s it. I’m done. I can’t do it”. My coworker, bless his heart, decided to ask me what the hell my problem was. I then went on to rant about how this particular book was awful, the writing sucked, it was boring me half to death, and I couldn’t understand why so many people gave it decent reviews.

Now, I’m not a hateful person and I don’t really want to sit behind my computer and bash this author (although I did leave a negative review on GoodReads), but my point is: I’d rather spend time reading a book I enjoy than waste my time reading something awful.

After my meltdown over that book, I went on Amazon.com and instantly ordered another book for my Kindle which I started reading immediately and got about halfway through before my shift was done (it was a slow night, ok? don’t judge me). This new book, which I’ll name because it’s good, is It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. Now, overall I’m really enjoying this book. My only qualm is…why does every strong male character/love interest have to be tall, dark, handsome and rich? And also…a little creepy? I’ll leave a proper book review when I’m done so that’s all for now.

Every one of us has different opinions, backgrounds, literary preferences, etc. My idea of a “good book” may not be yours. But with thousands of incredible literary works out there…why bother with those that don’t move us? When reading a novel for pleasure, I shouldn’t be bored. I shouldn’t be reading so fast because I’m trying to get to a scene with some substance. I shouldn’t feel like I’m reading a teenager’s diary, unless of course that’s the style 🙂

Being a writer makes me a snob when it comes to books, and I admit that. But that’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good silly novel or two, if it holds my interest. Not every author is going to be a Stephen King or a Tolkien. But I’d rather spend weeks reading one of those books than get through a mediocre-at-best book in two hours because there was literally nothing to process.

To each their own!

What is your style? Do you have to finish every book you start or can you abandon something that doesn’t ignite your soul?

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