Fearless Friday

I totally forgot about Week 2 of Fearless Friday and now I’m a day late with this one. (#PerfectionistsCanBeImperfect) Last week was a hot mess. I was (im)patiently awaiting MRI results for my upcoming surgery, meeting a bunch of deadlines, battling a cold, deep cleaning the apartment to prep for Christmas decorating (priorities, right?) and trying to keep my head on straight.

So I apologize.

What have I done this week to punch fear in the face?

  • I said no. That’s right. I declined opportunities, fighting my fear of “if I say no one time, I’ll never have another opportunity ever ever again!” (False.)
  • I put down the cookie. You’re probably thinking, OK – this woman may be bat-shit crazy if letting go of a cookie is her definition of fear. But hear me out. I’ve struggled with my weight and yo-yo dieting my entire life. I’m now part of #WeightWatchers and finally holding myself accountable to what I eat and why I’m the cause of my own unhappiness and self-consciousness. So yes, I picked up the amazing, decadent homemade chocolate chip cookie that I made with my own two hands, and I put it down – because it won’t help me get where I want to be. But that’s scary. I’m starting to think that’s what has been holding me back. Fear of success? Fear of what it will be like to finally achieve a goal I’ve had since I came out of the womb? I don’t know. So yes. Putting down the cookie is my way of punching fear in the face. #Don’tJudgeMe

What have YOU done this week to punch fear in the face?

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