BREAKING: Someone read The Book.

OK, not the entire Book. I was just being dramatic.

Saturday night, thanks to a burst of courage and a lot of Pinot, I let J read Chapter 1 of The Book.

It was comical, really. I got so anxious waiting for him to finish reading I re-filled my wine and took a bath, where I accidentally knocked over the wine glass, breaking it and spilling red wine all over the bathroom. So now, my bathroom looks like the scene of a murder with red wine stains everywhere.

Anyway, J read (part of) Chapter 1. *insert shocked gasp here*

By now you’re probably all wondering how it went or whether or not I’m actually going to get to the point of this blog post.

It went incredible.

I was finally able to have a constructive conversation with someone about my MC, about the flow, about my latest idea for an opening, about everything. J was able to provide insightful feedback on little details I hadn’t picked up on, even after reading it so much I practically have it memorized.

By the end of the night, I had some solid things to work on, or at least consider, and enough confidence that maybe I’m onto something. The things I was most worried about were the things J told me not to change.

So naturally, I’m pretty stoked.

The Book isn’t his favorite genre or like anything he would ever pick up to read, so the fact that he had complimentary (yet honest) things to say about it (and when he later compared the back & forth scene thing I have going on to an episode of How I Met Your Mother…), I’m feeling good.

[Honestly: I’m feeling overwhelmed. It would’ve been easier if the one person I trusted most would’ve had a heart-to-heart with me and said I sucked and should stick to my day job. But instead – I have just enough confidence, curiosity, determination, whatever you want to call it…that I need to keep going. More editing, more revision, more absolutely-terrifying, wine-drunk nights of this.]

So where am I now? Back to revising.

I’m in the beginning of a crazy busy work-week, and then next week I’m going under the knife for Ankle Surgery #3. But! That means I get 2+ weeks of interrupted time sitting on my @ss.

All that to say, I’m out of excuses. I can’t say I think everyone will hate it, if I know for certain that one person, my partner in crime, thinks it’s good. I can’t say I don’t have time, when I have literally 2+ weeks where I can’t do anything but sit and binge Netflix. I. Have. No. Excuses. Anymore.

Sigh. Bring It On.

What do y’all think? Have you ever had a writing binge? How do you handle when people first read your work(s)? Do you use beta readers? Tell me about it!


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