Realizing You Got It Wrong

Stuck in traffic in the early-morning hours, I had an epiphany.

Not the amazing, life-changing, Oprah-moment everyone dreams about.

The epiphany was of the much worse kind. The kind that means I have to basically re-write my entire first chapter.

For some reason, I do my best thinking in the car. Maybe I get inspired by my own singing voice, belting out tunes pretending I’m Taylor Swift… who knows. So there I am, behind 100 cars, heading into Day 1 of a two-day conference, realizing my whole first chapter is wrong.

I credit J’s comments with sparking this notion in me; his insightful comments planted the seed for this. But I realized that my MC’s mindset is totally off and defeats the purpose of the entire novel. Current Chapter 1 had her operating under the mindset that she hadn’t quite reached yet – spoiling it all for the reader and taking away a huge area for character development.

I came home, told J about it, who agreed. We then had another chat about what my first Chapter needs (apparently a lot) and how I can improve it. (easier said than done)

So I’m here to tell y’all that sometimes you’re going to get it wrong.

You’re going to get your own ideas wrong – but that being said:


When something is wrong, whether it’s a problem in your life or a nagging Chapter, that means there is opportunity for improvement. That means there’s something you can fix, change, improve.

And if you can’t fix it entirely, you can sure as hell try. And what comes out of that try could be amazing. You might surprise yourself.

If you take nothing else from this simple little blog post, I want you to remember:


What examples do you have from your own life where something went wrong but that presented you an opportunity? Tell me about your journey!

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