Do All The Things: Goals for 2020

We all know that those who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them (the educator in me is fighting the urge to go find a source to cite for this…). So, much like I like to get my Thanksgiving social media posts out before everyone else, to avoid getting lost in the flood of sappy, sometimes lengthy, posts. (Can you tell I’m a writer who wants people to read their stuff?)

In no particular order:

  • Travel. So far, we have 3 trips in the works: remote cabin/hiking weekend for J and I’s anniversary in April, annual beach vacation to NC in September, and Vegas baby! for my dirty 30 in November.
  • Save Money So We Can Buy A House. Very specific here, guys. I like my goals specific when possible so I am reminded of the reason I’m doing it and maybe even increase my motivation. This one’s going to be hard, for real. I fall into the TREAT YO SELF trap on the daily.
  • Save (Cont.) But we are seriously over apartment living. Between the upstairs neighbor who showed up on my doorstep declaring his love for me after we only hung out a few times, the across-the-way neighbor who’s apartment got SHOT UP, and the other fun apartment perks like no space, sharing walls with noisy people, neighbors who don’t put their dogs on leashes, cigarette smoke seeping through the walls totally disrupting my fancy-candle smelling zen ambiance I’m trying to create here, and the total inability to have friends over because the place is so small we don’t even have a kitchen table. (OK, we totally could have a table but instead I have a giant dog kennel for my boys…)
  • Fitness & Weight Loss. Every year since I can remember, lose weight has been at the top of my New Year’s resolution list. And yet, here I am, almost 30, and I haven’t reached my goal fitness level and weight/body/whatever the hell you want to call it. The ankle surgery I had a few weeks ago put a big pause in my healthy eating/pretending I actually work out lifestyle. But, as soon as I’m cleared to work out again – it’s on. I have a million and one reasons for motivation, so I’m just going to grow up, stop making excuses, and do it.
  • Finish The (GD) Book. A year. YEAR. I’m not writing the next Game of Thrones, guys. There is no reason why I should have this thing finished in a year from now. This year for a while there I gave myself a target of 1000 words/day and it actually worked. But then I found myself writing writing writing and realizing I had to start making this thing cohesive with an actual plot. And developed characters. And all those other fun things us writers love love love. Now, I think I need to focus less on writing writing writing and force myself to spend time “working on it”, whatever that means at the time. So, ’nuff said. I need to finish The Book.
  • Other Fun Goals: spend more time outdoors with my boys, keep the apartment neater on a regular basis, bake more, read all the books, work on my scrapbook.

What are some of your New Year’s goals? Share below!

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