you win some; you lose some.

Today has been a lesson in balance. In winning some, and losing some.

But how is today any different than the rest of my life?

It’s all about balance; about winning some & losing some. Give and take. Ebb and flow.

I want to do everything. I know this about myself and I struggle with it on the daily. I have all the ideas and I take on all the projects – then I complain I never have the time to do all the things I want to do.

Right now, it’s Friday night – and J is reading Chapters 3 and 4 of The Book because I basically demanded it. Today I gained a major freelance client, probably the biggest of my little freelance career, but I lost out on a minor project. For about a half hour, I wallowed and sulked. But the truth is, it’s a blessing in disguise. Like the time I lost my job a week before my wedding. Or the time I didn’t get that internship. Or the other time I didn’t get that critical care job. Or, if I’m honest, like the time my marriage failed.

Everything in my life seems to have happened for a reason. At the risk of sounding annoyingly cliche, when one door closes – another one always opens. Sometimes it’s two doors.

Achieving balance is hard for an over-achiever perfectionist that wants to be everything, for everyone, all the time. Saying no is hard; losing opportunities is even harder.

But that’s life. It happens. I can only focus on the benefits of such “losses” and make the most out of the time I have.

As I said to J when I was essentially demanding he edit Chapters 3 and 4 (the poor guy became my default editor without ever signing up for the job…), don’t you want to see what could happen if I finish this? If, for once, I finish something? If, J is right, and people do actually want to read my work and pay money to buy the book? If all of my dreams came true?

None of those things can happen if I don’t prioritize my own dreams, in front of my client’s, in front of my earning potential, in front of anything else. My own dreams, my own goals, those will be the biggest ‘wins’ of all.

So, on this Friday night, I leave you with this:

You win some, you lose some. What are your ‘wins’ this week? What are some ‘losses’ that turned out to be wins? Share them with me in a comment!

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