Social Distancing: Time to Confront Your Procrastination

We’re in the midst of a public health crisis. People around the globe are being told to stay home, isolate, practice “social distancing” (which to me basically means do the same thing you always do – stay in sweatpants and drink your damn wine at home).

That being said, I’m home. A lot.

I have more computers than I know what to do with, good internet, and a lot of time on my hands. And yet I haven’t written or edited a single word of The Book in weeks.

Instead, I’ve come up with a dozen ways to procrastinate. I’ve researched doctorate degrees (which would lead to YEARS of procrastination – yay!), researched developing on online course, researched my 30th birthday trip stuff – knowing full-well the damn trip may not even happen forgive my first-world problem complaining), researched various budget tools and softwares (even though I have one that I love – You Need A Budget), baked some brownies, started a new TV series, writing the blog post… You name it, I’ve done it these past few weeks.

Except taking steps to complete my biggest life goal.

I’ve read some interesting articles lately on procrastination – one about how it’s an emotional problem, rather than a time-management one. While I’m inclined to agree for the most part, I have some colorful reasons why I think I procrastinate with my book. (Like most writers, I also have a tendency to think I’m special…). Even if some of these ‘reasons’ are legit, they are still BS. They’re still excuses and I can still overcome them.

Excuses will never stop intruding your mind. But you have the power to overcome them.

All this idle time on my hands has given me the gift of self-analysis. I see how much time I spend on empty things, then complain about how I never have time to do the things I enjoy. I can’t blame my lack of writing or reading on endless errands, events, or traveling for work. I can only blame myself.

I know I’m not the only writer procrastinator out there. So I want to hear from you.

How do you manage your procrastination? What are your best tips? Or just give me a shout-out about how social distancing and quarantine has affected your writing!

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