[Comedy as a Pain Killer]

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I crack a joke because the pain is real. I have been cut deep, twice, maybe more if I would look closer. The two weeping lacerations are a bit too distracting at the moment to look past. The “why” makes sense, I get that, somehow I can understand, the “how” is something else. “How” is what I fear I will never understand, not while continuing to the person I am.
Sure if I would change how I view it, create a situation so I’d be forced to see, I don’t know, maybe then I’d understand. The only problem is I feel like that would change who I am, I could try to justify it and ignore my morals for a minute, but people can’t do that. That decision is not something you can shrug off and pretend didn’t happen. By choosing that action you ARE that person, you do and…

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